The Evolution of Paradise

For the multi-talented Elhae, which stands for “Every Life Has An Ending,” he has been able to blend his musical influences into some successful music, combining hip-hop and R&B.

Elhae is a North Dakota born artist and a proud Georgia transplant, as he grew up in Atlanta.

Impact of Pharell Williams

His parents were both very spiritual and steered Elhae towards different musical influences in the early part of his life. Elhae joined his mother’s choir and his father, who had a military background, introduced him to both the Isley Brothers and The Police.

As a teenager, Elhae had a mix of interests, as he was quite passionate about skateboarding and on the creative side Japanese Manga and Anime.

This is the point of his life when he discovered Pharell Williams. He described this period of his upbringing, as having other interests that weren’t the most popular things for many of his other classmates in school.

“When I turned my focus in the direction of music, I looked towards Pharell Williams, Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West,” Elhae said. “I felt they were my off the wall influencers with their creativity and out the box thinking.”

Elhae mentioned that when he met Pharell Williams back in 2014, he let Pharell know that he was the primary reason that he became interested in the music industry in the first place.

“Without Pharell I don’t even think I would take interest in doing music in the first place,” Elhae explained. “Pharell has always been good at singing, producing and rapping. I have always tried to pattern my career after him. To a degree, Pharell has been kind of like a mentor from the sidelines for me.”


Near the end of 2014, while still in college, Elhae would do a segment called Dream Loud Fridays. He would release a song every Friday, to keep his current fans engaged and gain new followers. As it continued to grow, the project snowballed into what was his first EP “Aura.”

Elhae released a selection of songs that related to what he was feeling in his relationship at the time with ‘Situations,’ and “Halfway Love’ on the Aura One project.

“It really just took off from there, it was one of those things that you just can’t prepare for,” Elhae said. “After it dropped, I got contacted by a number of different record labels looking to sign me.”

After going through the process of deciding the right situation for him, Elhae signed with Atlantic Records.

With the demand from fans for a follow up, R&B singer Elhae quietly released the sequel to his 2015 project Aura in 2017.

Aura II was fully laced with 10 tracks in total, the follow up to All Have Fallen features guest appearances from Ty Dolla $ign, Rockie Fresh, & West Coast singer Eric Bellinger.

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Trouble in Paradise

With Elhae’s latest project, ‘Trouble in Paradise’ he feels that he is coming into his own, as both a man as an artist. It took close to two years to complete Trouble in Paradise, as he dealt with meeting his own high expectations for his new project.

“I felt while working on Trouble in Paradise I was able to have fun with the music again, which was something that hadn’t been taking place in quite a while for me,” Elhae explained.

The highly anticipated output features some notable guest appearances from names that including Wale, O.T. Genasis, Big K.R.I.T., Xavier Omar and Sevyn Streeter.

Over those two years, Elhae pointed out the album had about three different versions that sounded completely different as he went through the process.

“At the end, it was a lot of work, but I am ultimately pleased with the finished results.”

While touring earlier this year, fans have approached Elhae and lended their support of him, both professionally and personally.

“As I have been to different cities, it is a wonderful experience when fans will let you know that they appreciate you and as some have said to me directly, that we need your music,” Elhae said. “Then, you really take a step back and realize that all of this is bigger than just yourself. It makes you strive to make as many people happy as possible and touch them with the music, as you can.”