Part Two with Monalyse

Bringing the true essence of the meaning of diligence and mixing it into an aspiring career in Hip Hop.


Monalyse likes to say, “I chose rap, it was just a no brainer for me.”

For Detroit’s Monalyse, she has been creating her own rap lyrics since the early age of 14. As she matured, that fire kept burning and by the age of 18, after graduating from high school, took the plunge following her passion and creative instincts into the music industry.

Over the last year, she has come up with different ways to expand her audience. For hardcore fans and followers of Monalyse, a non-typical day of the week began to become one to look forward to, with her own ‘Monalyse Mondays’ where she would release teasers of songs and showcase her lyrical skills on different tracks.

“The whole Monalyse Mondays idea originated, since I wasn’t using social media to its fullest or touching many people online,” Monalyse explained. “It provided me a way to touch people on a consistent basis at least one day every week. Monalyse Mondays was perfect, since I needed something of substance and wanted to do it in a quality way.”

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She describes her flow as an artist as strong and also empowering for not only women, but men as well. One area that Monalyse has put a lot of emphasis on, is to pack in as much substance with her own lyrics. Then accompanying those lyrics and rhymes with a strong vocal delivery to give a message that can mean something to listeners.

The EP ‘Diligence’ has helped to further the positive momentum that Monalyse’s career is receiving right across the music industry.

“I feel like my career now is now a representation of the word diligence,” Monalyse said. “Overall, the message and the complete body of work was motivational. I feel it also shows that through encompassing the title I’m putting in a lot of effort into my rapping.”

With an already strong support from her hometown Detroit, Monalyse is aware that she has attracted some new fans and begun to branch out to other cities with ‘Diligence.’

“I’m very appreciative for the support at home in Detroit,” she said. “Between both my Diligence EP and the 1800 Project, it has helped to expand my music outside the Midwest. I’m definitely starting to get noticed in different cities and my music is being heard in a lot more different places.”

While going through the whole process of working on music and choosing beats, in total in took four months to make ‘Diligence’ a complete package. This included a photo shoot and making sure all of her music came out to her liking.

“It was a very good first body of work for me,” Monalyse said. “Every song is different, which is something I was striving for with my EP Diligence.”

When reflecting on the tracks, Monalyse explained that ‘I Do’ is her favorite song on the EP. “Honestly, I believe it’s all aspects of the song that appeals to me,” she stated. “The track has strong production, to the theme of the track, which is very bossy. The representation of it just fits my style, which is more of a female boss.”

Presently, Monalyse has a full mix of interests in her life. These different passions range from reading books, her spirituality, she is currently employed as a waitress, and is very involved in keeping a journal of her life and experiences.

“Everything has a purpose,” Monalyse explained. “Honestly, I could be doing music a lot more. One of my goals is doing something every day to make a difference in some facet. I will do high energy things sometimes, but mostly my life is chill.”

As Monalyse plans the next steps in her career, she has well rounded aspirations that include more than just rapping. “I see myself still rapping, but also getting into literature,” Monalyse said. “Eventually, I want to write books, at the same time I won’t forget about doing music.

My goal would be to infuse different type of art forms into music. I don’t want to solely be a rapper. I would like to one day be an activist and stand for something. I visualize being able to take my voice to the next level and make a difference in other sectors. This way I can use my platform to its fullest.”

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