Here Comes the Kings

Mixing comedy, lots of back and forth banter and life on the road, this comedic team has formed a partnership.

Dylan Gott and Peter White

For stand-up comedians Dylan Gott and Peter White, they have teamed up to establish their very own Canadian stand-up comedy tour simply entitled, ‘Homecoming Kings.’

Both comedians, share a few things in common and were even living and doing comedy shows in England around the same time.

When the dynamic duo returned to Canada, they were both searching for a new project and decided to put their comedic talents together by going on tour as a team.

“On many occasions we were booked on the same shows while in England,” Gott said. “We talked it over and it made a lot of sense to try the whole Homecoming Kings concept in Canada.”

Currently, Gott and White are residing in Toronto and to date have completed close to a dozen shows this year and are excited about their upcoming stop at Haddon’s Comedy Club in Windsor, ON.

White being new to Ontario is getting a crash course on life in the central Canadian province. When pressed on his thoughts about living in Ontario, White doesn’t hold back and bluntly points out his views on the second largest province in all of Canada.

“Ontario is just too God damn big,” White says in a very sarcastic tone. “It is unnecessarily big and it seems like many of the cities are located right in the corner. I truly believe you might be able to burn 80 per cent of it and it would be fine.”

Many stand-up comedy fans recognize, White for his ‘Homophobia Makes No Sense’ video that went viral. When reflecting back, White views his opinions as a right time, right place mantra, when those type of discussions were happening in society.

“I actually completed the video probably closer to a year and half before it took off,” White said. “When my video really began to surge was when there was a greater emphasis on both the anti-homophobia and pro-feminism movements right across North America.”

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What should the fans expect when you come out to see one of their shows?

White explained even though he was raised on the east coast of Canada in Nova Scotia, that the fans attending their shows shouldn’t be looking for any down home east coast humour, as they will be disappointed. He likes to refer to himself as having the sensibility trait of being from there, but it stops there.

“I’ll say this, I will talk a little more about issues than Dylan does,” White said. “Just think a little more serious, but still fun.”

On the other hand, Gott refers to his comedy as the complete opposite of political.

“Anyone can enjoy my comedy, from downright evil people to nice people,” Gott said with a hearty chuckle.

Gott jokingly pointed out that with Windsor, ON. being a border city and a close proximity to the Detroit area that there are no excuses for sports fans in the area.

“Come out and check out the show, the Red Wings missed the playoffs, the Pistons might be even be eliminated by the time we hit the stage and there should be no excuses for people not to come see us,” Gott said.

Want to have some laughs and check out the Homecoming Kings team of Gott and White, this weekend, April 19 and 20, at Haddon’s Comedy Club in Windsor, Ontario. Tickets are only $15 available at the door or online.