Jokes on the Road

Gianmarco Soresi

Life on the road for one east coast comedian has been a lot like the old Willie Nelson country song.

Gianmarco Soresi

For Gianmarco Soresi, he must have Nelson’s famous hit ‘On the Road Again’ echoing through his head, as he takes his stand-up comedy show across North America this year.

Soresi shared during our interview that one of his goals was to schedule more stand-up comedy shows this year. Life on the road can be an adjustment for most of us. While living out of a suitcase some weeks, Soresi joked that he is learning how to pack a little better and making sure to be equipped with the proper sized luggage.

“Being on the road forces you to get out there and meet new people,” Soresi said. “One challenge is when you are in your hometown, I do my best to make an effort to eat well, get the proper sleep, and exercise. On the road, you visit some cities that you typically might not go to and live it up a bit.”

With Soresi’s acting background, he refers to his comedy as more expressive and a little different than your typical stand-up comedian.

“I really like to add a different dimension where I take you on a journey of emotional highs and lows,” Soresi said. “I use my background from college, to give the fans a full experience. From knowing how to speak other people’s words and express myself in a manner that is entertaining.”

One club, which Soresi performs at quite frequently, is the LOL Times Square Comedy Club which has a very touristy type audience. He pointed out this allows him to add to his repertoire and have lots of comedy material ready to go. When on tour, Soresi recognizes the need to be aware of his surroundings with his story and joke telling.

“I have a joke that I like to use about getting a dinner at CVS Pharmacy,” Soresi explained. “When using the joke in Toronto previously, I had to change part of it to Shoppers Drug Mart to make it relatable to my location and audience. The joke killed it in two countries by simply changing the store name to reflect where I was.”

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Soresi mentioned, he was actually an actor first, while studying musical theater it allowed him the opportunity to learn all kinds of different skills. He also works to keep all of his skills as sharp as possible by taking different classes including a weekly yoga class and hip hop class.

“I was lucky to do some commercials, voiceover work and stage work. With these different experiences, I began to express my views and thoughts more. Through that process, I became obsessed with combining my talents to write all kinds of jokes.”

Recently, Soresi made a tour stop in Toronto, Ontario. The multi-talented Soresi took in the The Toronto Sketch and Comedy Festival, along with telling jokes and doing stand-up shows at the Absolute Comedy Club. For him, it was a matter of combining two of his passions.

Soresi said he can’t wait for his tour stop at Haddon’s Comedy Club in Windsor and he is bringing his ‘A’ game all weekend.

Want to have some laughs and check out Gianmarco Soresi, this weekend, April 13 and 14, Soresi is headlining at Haddon’s Comedy Club in Windsor, Ontario with tickets available at the door or online

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