Crowded House of Hilarity

For Michigan comedian, Louis D. Michael he lives it and breathes the topsy-turvy of emotions that you will feel being a comedian. Also, when he can get some shut-eye, he sometimes will sleep it.

 Louis D. Michael Comedian

Michael explained that it is actually interesting to sit back and observe how everyone takes their own comedic path.

“It is a different experience,” Michael said. “We can all be on top of the world crushing it or it can go to the other spectrum, where all of us, are kind of depressed and out of it.

Luckily, our creativity keeps going, no matter what state were in. Not to mention, getting at least one good gut laugh from one of my roommates from something that is just too damn funny.”

Michael has been in the stand up comedy scene performing for the last four years.

After graduating from college, Michael contemplated a few different paths. He thought about going back to school to further his education and getting a Masters degree, on the radar briefly, was attending law school and while working out, began to have thoughts about enrolling in the military In the end, he chose his personal passion of pursuing a comedy career.

During the decision making process, one of the turning points, for Michael was taking part in an open-mic competition.

“It was an excellent experience and it really gave the inspiration to take doing comedy to the next level,” Michael said.

At this point of his comedic career, Michael likes to joke that he is still a rookie comic at this point. Michael pointed out, when you are performing at some rooms and the audience has no idea who you are, it allows him the freedom to have fun and take some chances while on stage.

“I have to learned to write jokes that the real me, feels is funny and then tell it to the audience in a way that I think it’s funny,” Michael said. “From there, when I read the room, I have options to adjust to what I think will be relatable to the room. If I get the feeling that that they want cleaner material I’m ready or if it is that room want edgier jokes I have something for them.”

Michael is not ashamed to admit it, but even though he is older now it hasn’t stopped him from using Lego ‘building blocks.’ It is something that he will utilize to pull his creative side out, or sometimes when he has writers block, it is back to building with the Lego to get over the creative road-block.

Besides his stage work, Michael co-hosts a podcast with friend and fellow comedian Nick Leydorf called ‘Free Consultation.’ The name derives from Leydorf’s legal background as a lawyer and you are in for a special treat taking in a full mix of legal tips and jokes with their podcast.

Louis D. Michael will be co-headlining two more shows tonight with comedian Nick Leydorf at Haddon’s Comedy Club, located at 1544 Ottawa Street inside Rockhead Pub in the uptown district of Windsor, ON.

First show is at 8 p.m. with a late show at 10 p.m. Tickets are $15 at the door (cash only) or click the link to get your tickets before the show: