Keeping It Real With Trav2Funny

With a laid back demeanor, settling into his man cave, Trav2Funny is ready to hit up some of his inner circle or make a few new friends on Instagram Live. He is an up and coming comedian, from “America’s Dairyland” just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin. If you have seen some of his popular skits, you are familiar with his trademark, “that’s my cuzn.” Check out our interview below with everyone’s “favourite cuzn.”

When did you get first interested in comedy and performing? First off, I want to thank you for choosing me to be interviewed. My stand-up comedy and skits are something that seems to come natural to me, because everyone in my family is very comedic.

How would you describe your style?

Comedy has always been my passion, but I ended up taking the music route because my cousin Sharoda (aka Sdot Thomas) loved it so much, before she died of colon cancer at the young age of 22. As I grew older and my children began to grow up, I decided the music industry wasn’t for me anymore. After some reflection, I decided to focus my creativity on comedy, since I feel comedy never gets old. My skits and funny videos that I put together just come from everyday life in general. Especially relating to different things I’ve seen or been through. I also do a lot of “what if” comedy videos, so to speak too.

How long have you been performing? Do you have a highlight moment when you reflect on your career?

Honestly, I have been doing stand-up comedy for a while, but professionally only around two years. The first really big stand up show I did was with a friend and entertainer named Cheating Ass Myron. It was in Milwaukee over a year ago. The show included Funny Marco and he is well known with over three million followers on Instagram and Puncho Villashio. There were other comedians that Myron had brought from Atlanta and the show was just amazing. It really helped me to expand my fanbase and build a following for myself. These guys are some heavy hitters, and I was able to leverage some of their name recognition to create some momentum for myself.

Where does your inspiration come from for your skits?

My biggest inspiration is my mother, because she is the biggest jokester in the family. About a year ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. When I received the news it really took a toll on me. My mother made many sacrifices and raised me all by herself, as my father was never around. I can’t thank her enough and just applaud her for raising me to be the man that I am today. Currently, I’m glad to share that my mother is cancer free and I’m loving every minute of it!! I love you mom! What obstacles have you run into as you work to take your comedy career to the next level? The only thing that holds me back is life and family commitments that are important to me. It is about having the balance between my full time job, along with making sure everything is good at home. Also, checking in with my mom, who was battling cancer, as I mentioned, but thankfully it’s now in remission. Unfortunately, colon cancer runs in my family and it is important for me check on members of my family. When I think about it, it’s just certain things that have to be done in everyday life that hold me back. Also, since I’m always cracking jokes or trying to keep things interesting, there are times that I don’t even realize that I am working on my craft.

Do you have any future goals that you have set for yourself?

Yes, I’m also a striving actor and I have appeared in several episodes of a TV show that airs on YouTube called “The Milwaukee Tales.” This is the brainchild of my friend, Michael Hagler. Looking toward the future, my goal is to get a role in one of Tyler Perry’s shows. I’m always impressed at the way he puts his projects together and they are simply amazing. Thank you once again for allowing me to speak with you. Follow Trav2Funny on social media: