Third time is truly a Charm for Comedian Dylan Gott

Dylan Gott Dr. Plops

Toronto comedian Dylan Gott was locked in and not going to strike out on his third attempt on perfecting his latest comedy album.

Previously, the Toronto comedian had made two other attempts to complete his third comedy album, but was unsuccessful.

Dylan Gott

When reflecting on getting everything to come together for his album entitled “Dr. Plops,” Gott acknowledged that all of the details were there from the sound quality to not forgetting any jokes he wanted to include.

“Honestly, when I tried previously to get an album organized, I wasn’t pleased with the sound quality with one of the prior recordings and on the other attempt, I left out about three jokes during my performance that I wanted to get on the album.”

Gott began his standup comedy career back in September 2004 and has performed in 21 countries across the globe, been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award, appeared on Comedy Central and Viceland UK in ‘Bobby and Harriet are Getting Married.’

The Dr. Plops album was released late last spring. Gott recorded his latest project at Yuk Yuk’s Toronto and for comedy fans wanting to purchase the album through Bandcamp, there are three bonus tracks that were recorded in Halifax, NS.


“My latest project overall is a mix of being a little more grown up, but still at parts super juvenile humour,” Gott said.

How did he settle on the name? Well, for Gott it came to him one day and he just wrote it down.

“It is just one of those different things,” Gott said. “I have been playing sports video games since I was 11 years-old and giving some of the characters in the games some weird names.”

His favourite track is about his decision to stop drinking. Gott said with a hearty laugh, that when you listen to track seven you will understand.

Gott pointed out, some of the material that is on his latest album, ends up in a different order sequence then how he might use it during one of his live performances.

He is appreciative for the creative work on his album cover from Wojtek Arciszewski and Paul Paduch for recording and editing.

Purchase Dylan Gott’s latest album: Dr. Plops.

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