The Cosmic Rising of NoSpace

NoSpace Detroit

For the multi-talented, Angel Lanise Geter (known by Space and musically as NoSpace) it has been an odyssey to achieve creative success through positive spirituality and her own distinctive music genre.

Currently, she has planted the seeds for herself to grow on a personal level and as an artist through her inspirational music, fashion modeling and as an actress.


NoSpace Detroit


For NoSpace it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. It took both a transformation and a spiritual realignment to bring her life back into a positive ‘space,’ from the darkness NoSpace was fighting through for a period of her life.

On the creative side, NoSpace remembered vividly the day that she experienced one of her awakenings that set the wheels in motion to reignite the musical fire within. She turned the clock back a few years, to share a story from when she was living with a previous boyfriend in cramped living quarters.

“Musically, it really took being around a group of rappers in a tight apartment to get my inspiration to really set in for me and to get on track,” NoSpace said. “After some self-evaluation, I watched how they were feeling euphoric from performing and I wanted that too. Then I challenged myself, to exceed their hype level too.”

During our phone interview, she was open and reflective while sharing personal memories of her life growing up. NoSpace acknowledged through different personal trials and tribulations, “It was a journey for me to get that point.”

NoSpace Detroit

As a youngster growing up in Detroit, MI, she was active in the performing arts, with her mom encouraging her to participate in the school glee club and learning to play different musical instruments at school, along with expressing herself independently singing.

Her mother, Angela Stokes had a very profound impact on her daughter, as they were truly two peas in a pod. Mother like daughter, they both had a deep appreciation for music, fashion and modeling, along with acting roles in plays and independent films.

Outside of the classroom, NoSpace believed in keeping busy during her early teenage years. On the athletics side she participated as a cheerleader, ran track and field and her dad was a baseball coach, which led her to playing softball, in both boys and girls leagues.

While her mother Angela and Angel (NoSpace) were inseparable. The two had an over-night routine, where they would sleep in the same bed together. It didn’t matter if her mom fell asleep first, or if NoSpace would, they would always find their way to each other.

Angela unfortunately suffered from scardoisis of the brain and she would deal with seizures, sometimes occurring multiple times a day.

The night before her death, NoSpace opened up about how the two of them didn’t continue their nightly ritual. Her mom wanted to be alone and she didn’t allow her to join her. Overnight, Angela passed away in her sleep from the pressure of one of her seizures which caused her to choke on her own fluids.

“I felt so empty, as my mom didn’t let me sleep with her that night. When she passed away, it was a hard transition for me,” NoSpace said. “I felt like I had just lost my life. I guess that is why I craved it so much for a close to eight years afterwards.”

After her mom’s death, she stepped away from music to pursue modeling.

Entering Darkness before the Light

In high school, she described herself as a conspiracy theorist. At that stage of her life, NoSpace mentioned, she didn’t understand what a beam of light was and the true essence of positivity.

At this point, she went down a dark and dangerous path that led to depression and attempts to take her own life.

“I had begun to cut myself, another time I took rat poison and on a different occasion took sleeping pills. All of this put me in a worse predicament, as I was looking at these situations and realizing that I couldn’t kill myself.”

She continued, “I was feeling very dark for a long time. As I went through this stage of my life, more bad things kept happening to me. This led to more negative feelings about myself and the less I started feeling attractive, along with not properly taking of my body. I shut down and wasn’t honing on things I really liked to do.”

During this period, she described herself as this guilty shell of darkness and scars. After beginning to compartmentalize all of the hurt and negativity, NoSpace realized that it wasn’t her time to leave the world, as apparently something wants her to stay on this earth.

Transformation & Awakening 

From there NoSpace began her own research by reading into her own personal experiences through meditation. NoSpace started to utilize 432 Hertz music, which gave her an experience that she was literally floating outside her body. This feeling led her to delve deeper and research what she was feeling.

“While doing my own investigating, I discovered that I was astral projecting,” NoSpace said. “From there I began to do it more frequently, only now it was by my own choice. This taught me how to become more metaphysical.”

NoSpace pointed out, that it has been great to have a fresh start as a young adult, after becoming such a dark child. Her mother’s death had left her at a crossroads at a young age.

Part of her individuality, is not being labeled in one specific artistic lane. NoSpace openly stated, “I will have to create a category for my music, Hip-Neo-Rock.”

She confidently, breaks it down as a mix of Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul and Afro Punk.

Meditation is key for NoSpace with her development and spirituality both artistically and in everyday life.

“The more I was able to get in touch with my spiritual self, it allowed me to let go of the negative and just focus on being more positive in my total outlook,” she explained. “All of the darkness I had in me I was able to convert to light. Once I became a light worker to say the least I was able to flourish as both an adult and especially as an artist.”

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The Fun

NoSpace organized a collection of her work with a nine song album last year entitled “The Fun.”

She explained, that “Narration” is the shortest track of her songs, but “Narration” is her favourite, as for her it says the most. She described the song, as an introduction to her transition to becoming a solo artist, as all of the hip hop artists that she previously performed with were going their separate ways.

“It was me telling the world, who I am and this is what I want to do…just have fun and explore life. But sometimes I like to really high. Regardless, it doesn’t change my spiritual strength.”

The track Requiem comes straight from her heart about a previous relationship. NoSpace said it was one of the last songs she included on her LP.

“It was about someone that I dated for six months,” she said. “Even though it was a short time, I had never been with someone that made me that happy before. He was only in Detroit for a short time and eventually moved back to his hometown. Before leaving, he told me he wasn’t interested in a long distance relationship.”

“Lay it Down” on the other hand is a more sultry song, that NoSpace said is not about anyone, but more of an erotic fantasy. With her steamy lyrics, she walks the listener through how to take care of a man and how to connect with them on an intimate level.

On the horizon “Space Unhinged”

Currently, NoSpace is fully zoned in on bringing her next album “Space Unhinged” to life. This project for NoSpace primarily focuses on letting go of the chains that had kept her tied to social norms.

“The message is to unhinge yourself from those judgments and just do what you love. If you are trying to accomplish something with great intentions, don’t change your mind and not go through with it, just because you are scared of the outside world,” NoSpace said. “To just be unapologetically you. Don’t be afraid because someone might judge you. Really, we are always going to be judged at some point. This includes right up to the very end we are going to get judged, if you don’t repent.”

NoSpace Detroit

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