Keith Davis Video Interview

Banter with the Boys full interview with Sam Houston State University and Dallas Cowboys star, Keith Davis. He reflects on his football career, accomplishments and life after football.

CHAPTERS (Watch on Youtube)
00:00 Intro
06:34 How did you end up at Sam Houston State University?
11:31 Journey to the Dallas Cowboys
14:43 Moving on from being starstruck
15:27 Competing at a loaded defensive back position
18:46 What was preparation like as a member of the practice squad?
20:35 There’s a new sheriff in town – “Bill Parcells”
22:06 Overcoming getting shot for the first time
28:30 The aftermath – dealing with being cut
35:35 Adjusting to NFL Europe
41:30 Overcoming being shot a second time
38:24 Earning Parcell’s respect & schedules rigors
40:09 Toughest loss?
45:28 Becoming a team captain
48:48 Life After Football
52:22 Going back to school & business ventures
55:06 Closing it out

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