Woody Dantzler Video Interview

Banter with the Boys full interview with former Clemson University Tigers and Dallas Cowboys star, Woody Dantzler. He reflects on his football career, accomplishments and life after football.

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00:00    Intro
00:54      How did you end up choosing Clemson University?
02:16      What is it about Rick Stockstill that you felt the band of trust?
02:59      Is there a game while at Clemson University this is your favorite?
04:31      Do you see yourself as a pioneer for the athletic quarterbacks?
06:18      Did it bother you not being drafted by an NFL team?
07:41      Did you have other options besides signing with Dallas?
08:53      Early memories of your Cowboys career?
10:13       Did the Cowboys give you an opportunity to try out for Quarterback?
11:14        Can you discuss your memorable kick return vs. the 49’ers?
14:38       Is there another memory that sticks out from your rookie season?
15:51        What was it like playing for Coach Campo?
16:40       Do you have a funny Jerry Jones story?
18:44       Biggest lesson you learned playing for the Cowboys?
21:11        How tough was it to walk away from football?
22:55       What are you up to currently?
24:20      Do you travel a lot for speaking engagements and your mentoring program?
26:40      How was your faith helped your mentoring and motivational speaking?

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