Eddie Murray Video Interview

Eddie Murray Former NFL Kicker

View our third episode of Banter with the Boys featuring former NFL Kicker Eddie Murray.

Murray spoke about a variety of topics, ranging from his kicking career, to achieving his dream of winning a Super Bowl. Watch in its entirely below or view in chapters on our Youtube Channel:

CHAPTERS (View on Youtube)

00:00              Intro
01:25               Growing Up
06:17               CFL Legend Cal Murphy & opportunity at Tulane University
20:08              Adjusting to Louisiana
25:58               Drafted by Detroit
37:11                Hip Injury / Setback
40:33               Enter Jason Hanson
49:43               Searching for a new team
55:51                Opportunity knocks in Dallas
1:10:20            Reflecting on Jimmy Johnson
1:11:41              Jimmy Johnson’s prediction
1:12:39             Jimmy & Jerry
1:17:45             Super Bowl Memories
1:26:58            Favorite / least favorite NFL Stadium
1:30:27            Billy, Barry or Emmitt
1:32:28            Coach Stan Hoffman impact

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