Rapid Fire Jokester

September 19, 2019 Mark Olejniczak 0

From once he hits the stage, this Michigan comedian doesn’t let his foot off the accelerator, as he keeps audiences engaged with his full arsenal of jokes. For Wesley Ward his influences in comedy were … [Read More]

Here Comes the Kings

September 19, 2019 Mark Olejniczak 0

Mixing comedy, lots of back and forth banter and life on the road, this comedic team has formed a partnership. For stand-up comedians Dylan Gott and Peter White, they have teamed up to establish their … [Read More]

Gianmarco Soresi

Jokes on the Road

September 19, 2019 Mark Olejniczak 0

For Gianmarco Soresi, he must have Nelson’s famous hit ‘On the Road Again’ echoing through his head, as he takes his stand-up comedy show across North America this year.

Monalyse in 1800 Seconds

September 19, 2019 Mark Olejniczak 0

For Detroit’s own Monalyse, her powerful style caught the attention of record executive and hip hop artist, Pusha T, when he was assembling his All-Star team of rising MCs for the 1800 Seconds compilation project.

Melanie Hearn

Got You to Laugh with Melanie Hearn

September 19, 2019 Mark Olejniczak 0

Off stage, Detroit’s funny lady of comedy, Melanie Hearn explained her own life journey has been down a few different career paths, but ultimately a passion for comedy and performing has led to more practice working on her craft to gain further success in the comedy industry.