Headed to Dallas

September 19, 2019 Mark Olejniczak 0

Describing his decision as the ‘perfect fit,’ this undrafted wide receiver is mapping out a plan to make it at the next level. For Gary, Indiana native, Jon’Vea Johnson, not hearing his name announced during … [Read More]

Here Comes the Kings

September 19, 2019 Mark Olejniczak 0

Mixing comedy, lots of back and forth banter and life on the road, this comedic team has formed a partnership. For stand-up comedians Dylan Gott and Peter White, they have teamed up to establish their … [Read More]

Gianmarco Soresi

Jokes on the Road

September 19, 2019 Mark Olejniczak 0

For Gianmarco Soresi, he must have Nelson’s famous hit ‘On the Road Again’ echoing through his head, as he takes his stand-up comedy show across North America this year.

Monalyse in 1800 Seconds

September 19, 2019 Mark Olejniczak 0

For Detroit’s own Monalyse, her powerful style caught the attention of record executive and hip hop artist, Pusha T, when he was assembling his All-Star team of rising MCs for the 1800 Seconds compilation project.

Melanie Hearn

Got You to Laugh with Melanie Hearn

September 19, 2019 Mark Olejniczak 0

Off stage, Detroit’s funny lady of comedy, Melanie Hearn explained her own life journey has been down a few different career paths, but ultimately a passion for comedy and performing has led to more practice working on her craft to gain further success in the comedy industry.