Got You to Laugh with Melanie Hearn

Melanie Hearn

Carving out her own path in her comedy career, is the game plan for one Motown comedian looking to move up the comedy ladder to the top.

Melanie Hearn

Off stage, Detroit’s funny lady of comedy, Melanie Hearn explained her own life journey has been down a few different career paths, but ultimately a passion for comedy and performing has led to more practice working on her craft to gain further success in the comedy industry.

“I was actually enrolled at one point for law school and my mother got me a gift for Christmas to take a comedy class at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle and things have really just taken off from there,” Hearn said.

Hearn has been pleased how 2019 has started out for her, as she has been keeping busy with different bookings. Beginning with a New Year’s event and gaining more momentum with shows across the Midwest, including stops in Kentucky, Illinois and Ohio.

When asked, Hearn likes to describe her style as simply ‘being me.’

“I bring people into my world and just how I’m feeling that day,” Hearn said. “At times I will play off the crowd, see how that goes and where it takes me. For the most part, it depends on me.”

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As Hearn travels to different cities across North America in her fourth year of doing stand-up comedy, she is cognizant that some of her material that has worked in one area may not be suitable for her next stop.

Recently, while performing in Kentucky, Hearn adjusted quickly to saying “LOO-avul” and not to mispronounce the Derby city, as LOU-iss-vill.” She prefers to arrive in a city before hand to get adjusted to the new landscape and watching the crowds, before taking the stage.

“You have to be accustomed to different folks ways and their views. as we are all not the same,” Hearn explained. “An important lesson is to realize that your comedy has to be universal, as opposed to mostly local material that you use in front of crowds in your own city. This can become a challenge for some comedians that rely mainly on material from their own area and the fans won’t be able to grasp it, if they live in a completely different city.”

Hearn is looking forward to making the short trip across the Detroit-Windsor border for her performances in Windsor, ON this weekend. “I’m very excited to perform for my first time in Windsor,” Hearn said. “I have visited Windsor before while taking in a show with that my friend and fellow comedian Mike Jeter performed at.”

As Hearn continues to take things to the next level and make a name for herself, she is aiming to move California in the near future to pursue opportunities in sitcoms and movies.

Want to check out Melanie Hearn? This weekend, March 29 and 30th , Hearn is headlining at Haddon’s Comedy Club in Windsor, ON. with tickets available through their website at

In June, you can catch Melanie Hearn at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, for tickets and full information, visit