Making a Comedy Discovery

Darnell Anderson

The art of storytelling on stage has led to learning about his audience and at times a few things he had never realized about himself.

Darnell Anderson

When discussing his comedy style and influences, Michigan comedian Darnell Anderson points out that his comedy style is more conversational with the audience and at times will venture into being just plain silly.

Anderson pointed out, that Dave Chappelle is a comedian that he has enjoyed, but has taken notice of how Chappelle’s style has evolved over the years. Currently, Chappelle’s present stand up show has become more conversational with audiences during his comedy tours.

“During my set I like to engage with the audience. It really gives me an opportunity to learn something about the crowd and at times myself. I like to refer to it as a mix of conversation, with a little bit of silliness and nerdy all wrapped together. “

Like many Chappelle fans, Anderson explained that Chappelle’s “Rick James True Hollywood Stories” along with the P-Diddy “Making the Band” would be considered his two favourite skits. However, there are plenty of honorable mentions for other popular skits and episodes, for Anderson when watching Chapelle’s popular television show.

While a student at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI, Anderson decided to take the plunge into the comedy world during a competition entitled “The Last Bronco Standing” which is a reference to the school’s nickname.

Before participating Anderson noted that he hadn’t heard of a comedy show or watched any stand up comedy on television. At the time, he was trying many extracurricular activities from getting involved in different organizations to seeing if he was a fit for theatre.

His first venture into comedy wasn’t a successful one, as he didn’t get through the first round of the comedy competition. From there Anderson, put his competitive drive to work to get better and be the last Bronco standing.

“For the next year, I read books about stand-up comedy, I watched over 50 different comedians to gain more knowledge and learn more about the whole art of being a stand-up comedian,” Anderson said.

His dedication paid off, as the following year Anderson advanced all the way to the finals.

Now with 13 years in the comedy game under Anderson’s belt, he is moving up the ladder.

This year Anderson has begun to headline more comedy shows and has referred to closing out the show as a great learning experience.

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“When I’m headlining a show it is a little bit more pressure,” Anderson said. ”When you are closing the show, the crowd is there to see you. You’re the one that has to send the people home happy at the end of the night.”

Anderson is headlining all weekend at Haddon’s Comedy Club in the lower level of Rockhead Pub at 1444 Ottawa St. in Windsor, ON.

Join in the conversation with Anderson. He will have shows beginning on Friday night at 9 p.m. and two shows on Saturday night at 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

Tickets are $15 cash at the door if you prefer to purchase your tickets in advance click have them in hand before taking in a night of comedy. See you at the shows!