2018 NFL Season Bold Predictions

With the first NFL kickoff of the new season only a few days away, I have completed my list of Bold Predictions for the 2018 season.

2018 NFL Season Bold Predictions

Let’s start with my first prediction which is simply a pure gut feeling and I have no inside information on Dez Bryant’s new team. In this case, I’m not shy about chiming in with my prognosis below.

For the silver and black Raider Nation, I have a strong feeling they are going to be questioning Jon Gruden and his game plan for the future of the Oakland Raiders.

With my last bold prediction, I share my Super Bowl winner. Here is a hint to my thinking. This franchise hasn’t been able to seal the deal in a Super Bowl, during their teams’ run in the 1970s. This season led by a defense that resembles the Purple People Eaters of an era gone by, the Minnesota Vikings will get it done and win their first Super Bowl at the end of the season in Atlanta.

Dez Bryant finds a home in…?

After reviewing the possible suitors, I believe Dez Bryant will end up with a new home with Daniel Snyder’s Washington Redskins. Why Washington?

First, the Skins have the cap room with a little over $11 million in projected cap space, adding Bryant to their offense won’t hurt them at all.

Secondly, Washington begins the season with the often injured Josh Doctson and Jamison Crowder at wide receiver. Alex Smith could use some more weapons to help spread the field.

Other things to consider, Bryant would like to exact revenge on his former employer the Dallas Cowboys. By suiting up for Washington, he would have the opportunity to play America’s Team twice. Stay tuned on how the Bryant saga works out in the coming weeks.

The Raiders finish below .500

After years of speculation about Jon Gruden returning to coach, he returns to familiar surroundings with the Oakland Raiders.

Gruden was lured back to coach with a 10 year, $100 million contract, after spending nine years in the TV booth. During Gruden’s first stint, he posted a 38 -26 record with two playoff appearances.

The heat is on for Gruden to produce a playoff run. His return has gotten off to a rocky start, as the Raiders parted ways with their best player Khalil Mack and face an uphill battle playing in the very balanced AFC West. Taking the Mack departure into consideration, along with team morale not being at an all-time high after the announcement of his trade to Chicago, I’m going to predict the Raiders don’t make the playoffs and will finish below 500.

The Super Bowl is a Purple Rain celebration?

It’s only fitting that I add a reference to an old Prince song with my Super Bowl bold prediction, considering the Minneapolis connection.

The Vikings haven’t played in a Super Bowl dating back to a run of appearances in the 1970s. This year’s edition boast a defense that is simply loaded and going to be difficult to move the ball against. On the offensive side of the ball with the addition of Kirk Cousins at quarterback, things are trending upwards in the Twin Cities.

Looking over the Vikings upcoming schedule, I can confidently predict 12 wins followed by a deep run in the playoffs, before capturing their first Super Bowl in Atlanta in February, 2019.